In 2012, Stacy launched the Sarajevo Writers’ Workshop (SWW), a bilingual group of poets and prose writers in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

~ SWW has been partnering with Atlanta’s Narrative Collective to create a literary collaboration called THE BORDERS PROJECT. The two groups gave a cross-borders reading at the Goat Farm Arts Center in Atlanta in May 2016. All the poetry and prose created during the exchange will be published over several months as a Special Feature called The Borders Project in EuropeNow Journal beginning in June 2017. A link to the feature's contents page is here.

~Stacy's introduction to The Borders Project in EuropeNow Journal can be found here. The collaboration, in which she was a participant, includes her short story, "Prague-Berlin Train." 

~Read Stacy's essay "The Borders Project Reading: Atlanta's Narrative Collective + Sarajevo Writers' Workshop" at Asymptote Journal's blog.

~ SWW’s work has been showcased by the University of Iowa’s International Writing Program (IWP). With colleagues in Caracas, Venezuela, along with photographers in both cities, the workshop participated in IWP’s first Narrative Witness exchange – a Caracas-Sarajevo Collaboration. Stacy facilitated the writing workshops and served as editor of the multilingual collection, which is featured here.

~ Read Stacy’s essay, “Making Narrative Witness: A Caracas-Sarajevo Collaboration,” on Asymptote Journal’s blog.

~ In Caracas,, QueLeer, and FicciónBreve Venezolana covered the Narrative Witness exchange. The project was also highlighted by Boston University's Creative Writing department.

~ The journal Real Pants put together a multilingual feature/history, using quotes from Narrative Witness participants.

~ SWW has led creative writing workshops for the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) and the U.S. Embassy in Sarajevo.

~ SWW translator Mirza Purić is an editor-at-large for Asymptote Journal. You can read some of his translations here, here, and here. In November 2015, Mirza was nominated for a Pushcart Prize for his translation of this excerpt from "Transatlantic Mail," the correspondence between Miljenko Jergović and Semezdin Mehmedinović, published in Asymptote Journal.

~ In 2014, SWW writer Matea Šimić founded the online culture journal nema, featuring work in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian. Matea talked with Stacy about her vision for the journal.

~ In 2013, H.O.W. Journal published the workshop’s poetry bilingually and included audio of the poets reading their work in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian.

~ You can also listen to SWW on their SoundCloud channel.

~ The workshop has given readings at their favorite watering hole, Galerija Boris Smoje, and, in 2013, performed their work, along with a bluegrass/folk band (with which Stacy sometimes sings), at the Sarajevo War Theatre (SARTR). The Sarajevo Times reviewed the SARTR performance here.

Photos by Vanja Čerimagić

Background image by  Olivia Brozek.