The Borders Project feature (Sarajevo-Atlanta) in EuropeNow Journal

The Borders Project, a literary collaboration between two writers’ collectives to which I belong, is currently being featured in EuropeNow Journal. The ongoing series includes poetry and prose created by the writers of the Sarajevo Writers’ Workshop and Atlanta’s Narrative Collective. Writing in Bosnian/Croatian/ Serbian appears in Mirza Puric’s fine English translation. The series also features the work of various Sarajevo-based photographers.
I wrote an introduction to our feature here.
The contents list is accumulating and currently includes the following pieces. Photographic responses by Sarajevo-based visual artists Vanja Čerimagić, Nerma Sofić, and Merisa Basić appear below their respectively assigned texts.
Frontierspeople, a poem by Dijala Hasanbegović, translated by Mirza Purić
Three Quarters of the Way Through the Poem, a poem by Melanie Jordan
Prague-Berlin Train, a short story by Stacy Mattingly
The Nation, a poem by Selma Asotić
Two Poems by Esther Lee
Hladno, an essay by Marina Alagić-Bowder
Tangle, a short story by Kulović Selma, translated by Mirza Purić
Alva Goes to the Neuro-Ophthalmologist, a poem by L.S. McKee
January, a poem by Zerina Zahirović, translated by Mirza Purić

Background image by  Olivia Brozek.