The Borders Project: Sarajevo Writers' Workshop + Atlanta's Narrative Collective

The Borders Project: A Literary Collaboration
Narrative Collective + Sarajevo Writers’ Workshop

Last fall, two groups of writers to which I belong – Narrative Collective in Atlanta, Georgia, and the Sarajevo Writers’ Workshop in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina – decided to hold an online workshop and get to know each other, creating new poetry and prose under the heading The Borders Project. 

We worked in both English and Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian and were able to discuss each other’s work, thanks to the heroic efforts of our SWW literary translator, also an editor-at-large for Asymptote Journal, Mirza Purić. In May, we gave a cross-borders reading in Atlanta with the SWW writers presenting via video.

Asymptote Journal has graciously allowed me to write about our ongoing project and the body of work we've produced.

The essay, "The Borders Project Reading," is up at Asymptote's blog today.

Photo by Vanja Čerimagić

Photo by Vanja Čerimagić



Background image by  Olivia Brozek.